Our Little Manifesto

When it comes to hair, everyone’s journey is different.  

It might start off soft and simple but as we grow, evolve, and change so does our unique hair expression.

Cuts, ponies, and rich waves become memories of new adventures, busy days, and late nights.

Long summer days may bring colors inspired by pink skies but Autumn leaves may

bring us back down to bold and earthy hues. 

Here at Ritzy Reuben we know that your hair is apart of your everyday story.

We understand that split ins are made somewhere in between those “they’re lucky if I even show up today” messy buns and

the “let me just curl my hair real quick” no product rushes.

We get that sometimes you just need a change and that even though cutting bangs sounds

like a great idea you should probably never do it alone.

We, the stylist, at Ritzy Reuben beauty studio are here for all of that.

We vow to trim and deep condition those beautiful and broken little ends so that you can tease that hair and throw up that bun

as much as you need too honey. We will pack our bags and travel with you to that perfect shade of blond

no matter how long it takes and we promise that the minute you decide you want to cut it all of and dye it red,

we will do that too! Your hair is your journey,

it’s your story and we are to help you turn the pages.